Malcolm Journeaux ARPS
Award Winning 'Amateur' Photographer

My photography began in May 2008 when a friend asked me if I would photograph her. I borrowed a camera (first generation Fuji digital) and a couple of lights, did lots of research and set about my first photo shoot. We were both pleased with the result - which can be seen in the 'local people' gallery.

The timing coincided with the band I had played guitar and bass in for many years - - calling it a day and so I decided I would like to continue taking photos. I asked a professional photographer friend, Steve Pratt of Lambourne Images, to recommend a camera and lenses and the best place to purchase. He give me a list and recommended buying from an independent camera shop in Rochdale, Pennine Photographic, which I did.

I attended a half day studio training course in Leeds run by Mike Lester and his wife and they helped me understand the basics of studio lighting. I took what I had learnt and put it into lots of practice with family and friends, followed by collaborations with many fabulous models, to hone my expertise in portraiture - examples can be seen in the 'models' gallery.

I played lots of sport in my younger days and so photographing at sporting occassions was another keen interest - examples can be found in the 'sport' galleries.

I love music (I write songs, see and have played at and attended hundreds of gigs over the years (if I tell you I have seen the Rolling Stones four times it gives you an idea of some of my musical taste, though it is actually electic from the blues and rock to soul and motown) which gave me a head start when it came to photographing in the challenging lighting that gigs can present - my favourites can be found in the 'music' gallery.


I became a member of the Royal Photographic Society (RPS) in 2009 and was awarded RPS distinctions in 2009 and 2011 - see the awards page.

I feel privileged to have photographed many interesting people, as well as at gigs, sporting occasions and many different events. The galleries include a selection of my favourite photos - I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I have enjoyed taking them.


Photo Editing

I suffer from a long term illness that often keeps me housebound for lengthy periods. Frustrating, but I have used the enforced 'rests' to hone my photo editing skills using Photoshop and examples of my work can be found in the 'beauty retouching', the 'composite' and the 'distraction removal' galleries.


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