Malcolm Journeaux

Self portrait with Mary Davidson


Photography being my hobby gives me a creative freedom those who have to make a living from it do not often have the luxury of enjoying - I get to choose what, when, where and who I photograph.

My photographic journey began in 2008 when Kirsty Rigg asked me to take her photo. I borrowed a camera and enjoyed the photo shoot so much it persuaded me to buy my own camera.


Photo of Kirsty Rigg that started my photographic journey


Since then I have been privileged to photograph many interesting people, from stars such as Lisa Stansfield to unsung heroes and heroines in my home town of Rochdale, as well as at gigs, sporting occasions and many different events.


Lisa Stansfield



The Royal Photographic Society (RPS) awarded me a 'Licentiate' distinction in 2009, followed by an 'Associateship' distinction in 2011.




I came first in the Rochdale Photographic Society 125th anniversary open competition - 'Work and Play in the Borough of Rochdale' - in 2015 with a photo of the only female player in the 2014 Northern Flags Lacrosse Final.



The different galleries show a selection of my (current!) favourite photos. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I have enjoyed taking them.


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